057 - Riddle Me This

• September 5th, 2014

I don't want to work, I just want to bang on me drum all day.

What has the head of a goat, the body of a tree, and the voice of the Earth?


Here are some great songs featuring strong drumming. Turn it up to 11!

Tuatha DeaThe TribeThe Blessing (feat. Spiral Rhythm)
Abbi Spinner McBrideEnter the CenterEnter the Center
ElvendrumsGateway to FaerieShadows
Tuatha DeaKith & KinThe Hunt (Corners)
Sully ErnaAvalonCast Out (Spirit Ceremony)
Mama GinaThe Undertaker's DaughterFour Angels
Kan'NalDreamwalkerSun and Moon (Live)
Didges Christ SuperDrumDidges Christ Super DrumA Clearing in the Jungle
Inkubus SukkubusHeartbeat Of The EarthHeartbeat of the Earth
MotherdrumDrumming Inside Mother EarthInstant Success
OmniaAliveSatyr Sex
Spiral RhythmDrum CircleLittle Bird
Pentacle DrummersRumbling ThunderAC Rumble
World CollisionEmbarkSkywater
Dragon Ritual DrummersPassageZombi

Listen Now:

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056 - Three New Albums PLUS A Little More

• August 23rd, 2014

I take a listen to three new albums to the show from Omnia, Vanessa Cardui and The Green Children, plus new music from Mama Gina and Cernunnos Rising.

Listen Now:

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The Magick Jukebox on TV! … kinda

• August 22nd, 2014

Hey  everybody!

I have added a YouTube Channel and have created an all new Pagan Music Video show for you.

Check it out at http://tinyurl.com/MagickJukeboxTV

Hope you enjoy!

Listen Now:

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055 - Songs of Ireland

• August 9th, 2014

I take a look at some traditional and not so traditional songs from the Emerald Isle.

Listen Now:

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054 - Family

• June 14th, 2014

Family comes in all shapes and sizes. With my special guest host, we take a look at all kinds of family.

Bone Poets Orchestra\Belladonna Smiles\Family(With Accapella Intro)
Big Bad Gina\Amazon Warrior Princess\Love Is Love
S.J. Tucker\Haphazard\In the House of Mama Dragon
Crow Women\Crow Goddess\We Are Sisters
Damh the Bard\The Hills they are Hollow\Only Son
Lady Bridget\In Her Sacred Space\There Is Nothing Like a Sister
Martin Donnelly\Earthbound\Old Friend(Double Trouble)
Jim Cuddy\All in Time\Second Son
Jim Faupel\Reinventing the Wheel\Brother By My Side
Three Weird Sisters\Hair of the Frog\Mama's Hands
Marc Gunn\Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers\Lord of the Pounce
Beltaine\String Fling\Old Dog Sparky

Listen Now:

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053 - Featuring Murphey’s Midnight Rounders

• May 3rd, 2014

Crystal WomanEagle's ReturnEagle's Return
The Green ChildrenConnectionSailor
Tribe PendragonIn A HeartbeatWhere do the Children Play
Gabrielle Roth & The MirrorsJhoomOn the Other Side of Here
LegendSpiritCrossing of the Ways
DelainApril RainStart Swimming
Mother Tongue (Rock)Follow the TrailSilhouette
Spiral DanceMagickSong for a Selkie
ElvendrumsWildly to the NightBetween the Worlds
Cheri ShantiPhoenix RisingFunky Wicked
Iona LeighBeside the Waves of TimeThe Girl He Left Behind
Alchemy VIIWhite RavenSilver Ships
Murphey's Midnight RoundersI Am The GoddessI am the Goddess
Murphey's Midnight RoundersPearl StreetHard Times Come Again No More
Murphey's Midnight RoundersPearl StreetMorning Come Too Soon
Murphey's Midnight RoundersRunning On EmptyFalling From Your Eyes
Murphey's Midnight RoundersSwede HollowPixie Glide

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052 - That’s Offensive!

• March 22nd, 2014

Happy April Fool's Day! Keeping with tradition, I have a special episode of funny songs. Many of these are too offensive to play on the regular shows, so listener beware!

There's some exciting news and a new contest in there too!


Listen Now:

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051 - New To Me!

• February 15th, 2014

A great way to FINALLY start the new year, ten songs from ten new artists to the Magick Jukebox.

Great stuff!

Plus a little something special from Heather Dale

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050 - Happy 2014!

• January 1st, 2014

Brobdingnagian BardsReal Men Wear KiltsAuld Lang Syne
Jim CuddyAll in TimeNew Year's Eve
Zeeza LovePearlsThe End (Baby Don't Worry)
Icarus WitchRiseThe End
Pagan's MindInfinity DivineA New Beginning
Witch's MarkStone SoupBegin Again
Pagan Piper ProjectThe Birth of the SunRebirth
KelliannaI Walk With The GoddessThis New Day
Amelia HoganTransplants- From the Old to the NewPaddy's Green Shamrock Shore
Anne ListerSinging On The WindNew Year's Day

Listen Now:

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049 - Yule Carols

• December 4th, 2013

I just noticed as I was putting this up that it was episode 50. Pretty awesome.

Here is a little show to help put you in the holiday spirit.

Happy whatever, everybody!


Listen Now:

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